May Lord Annapurni Chellapillayar shower His blessing to One and All.

At, we are a dedicated team specializing in all sorts of Homam (Havan) and shanthi pariharam for all sorts of sufferings in a person's day to day life. With many experienced and well trained Purohits and Pundits, we conduct the Homam in a way as prescribed in the Sasthra. All the team members are well qualified and studied the Agama, Sasthra, Veda and Astrology from reputed Vedic Institutions and successfully completed the Vedic system of education thoroughly.

Whether it is according to one's Horoscoope's negative forces or that of any sort of ill found negative force that affects your growth and future, we will perform a shanthi homam as needed accordingly, to individual's requirement. To mitigate the sufferings, we offer all the needed guidance and suggestions as per your birth chart. Please tell us about the nature of your sufferings, we will recommend the needed Shanthi and the Havan that is to be performed to gain control over the same. Every day, there is a specialized Nakshatra Homam of that date and Sri Maha Ganapathy Homam is performed, routinely.


Our team also specializes in Yantra and Chalits for the needy, as traditionally for generations, we gained these expertise and experience. Please send us your queries at


|| Saanthi, Saanthi, Saanthi: ||

OM Nama: Shivaaya, Shivaaya Nama: Om.

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